34 things since I just turned 34


1. I turned 34 on Saturday. I never remember my own age. Thank goodness my brother has a birthday a couple weeks ahead of me. I always figure out my age based on how old he is. 

2. “You should make Steve do more of the packing. He’s the Packer in your house.” -my brother

3. Packing is dumb. I start out all organized and intentional. In about 36 hours that’s going to switch to shoving stuff in boxes and hoping nothing breaks. 

4. Right now I’m unemployed. That’s the weirdest feeling. 

5. Sentences and paragraphs feel a little overwhelming but lists are sanity, hence this post.

6. Do you buy a new loaf of bread when you move in 4 days or just go without? What about bananas?

7. “I just wish I knew what the next two or three years were going to look like.” -my mom     (You and me, both, Mom.)

8. I’m pretty sure the preseason isn’t a strong indication of how the Denver Broncos are going to play when the real season kicks off in a couple weeks but I’m nervous. It’s hard to enter a football season with high expectations when results are completely out of my control.

9. Is 34 too old to send a “good luck on the season” note to my favorite football players? I’m Iowa nice, not scary stalker. 

10. “How hard would it be for police to find Von Miller? Most of the time he’s walking around with his name on the back of his jersey.” -me   “But think how many people own his jersey. Maybe that’s the problem. Police got tired of trying to arrest the imposters.” -my dad

11. Coffee and cats are a good source of calm. I encourage the companionship of both.

12. Talk to me about part time jobs. What’s the best or worst or most interesting part time job you’ve ever had?

13. I miss cooking. Today I’m going to try to finish packing up all the kitchen stuff because right now there’s no time for cooking and no reason to acquire more groceries or leftovers. 

14. Maybe the best moments in life are the ones that feel a little bit surreal. We’re really moving and I’m really going to start seminary? That’s surreal.

15. About once a week it still hits me that I’m married. Marriage still feels a little surreal. Will that feeling go away at some point? 

16. And it’s strange that we’re leaving but the kids in town went back to school for another routine year. I guess they’re going to keep things going even though we won’t be here to see it. 

17. Half my life ago I was starting my senior year of high school. That felt so epic in 1996 and now I barely remember what it was like to be a senior. 

18. Chrissy Teigen  tweeted something like don’t trust anyone under 25. Someone responded “Um excuse me, i’m 20 and I can be trusted” and Teigen shot back with “Nope. We all thought that. You’ll see.” 

19. That’s how age works. At 19, I thought I was finally an adult and understood so much more than the kids still in high school. At 25, I thought I finally got it and shook my head at the recent college graduates who weren’t there yet. At 34, I’m just watching my grandma at 84 and thinking of how much I’m going to learn in the next 50 years. 

20. “Why everything sucks” by Craig Ferguson is still my favorite monologue on age 

21. “You can’t be young forever. That’s against the laws of the universe.” -Craig Ferguson

22. I’m always mistaken for being younger. It’ll be interesting to see if that’s a by-product of working with teenagers or just observations from others based on how I carry myself. 

23. Really, this move to grad school feels like a graduation out of youth ministry. I’ll be back to visit the youth ministry world but it’s not where I live– at least for now. 

24. Several people asked me if we were having a going away party or a goodbye party at church. I didn’t plan one because there’s enough going on without needing one more thing to plan. I was thinking someone else might plan something– a couple friends did a little get together but as far as a public shindig, nothing. Is that weird?

25. I’m struggling with what to do on facebook. There are some people I started following mostly because of working at church. I don’t want to hurt feelings with a mass unfollowing but I’ve started unfriending some peripheral people. 

26. I need to take time to jot down my thoughts about the role of a pastor before I hit seminary and rethink it. I’d like to have a snapshot of my brain now so I have it for comparison’s sake in the next few years. 

27. I’ve read or skimmed quite a few books on the hard parts of being in ministry. There’s a lot of cynicism out there. What about books that share the good side? Or do all pastors end up cynical and feeling unappreciated?

28. On that note, the #whatpastorsdo hashtag on twitter makes me roll my eyes sometimes. I see it used with tweets that mention activities or events that people do or business people do. I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be insightful for non-pastors, a way to empathize with fellow pastors or something else but I don’t think I’ll use it even if/when I become a pastor. 

29. I need to get back to packing now. I told Haiku the other day that we would move as soon as all the boxes were packed. He yawned and fell back into his nap. #whatcatsdo

30. See what I did there?

31. My niece has discovered the top of one of her toys because (at least from the picture) it looks like she’s finally standing, holding on to the table for support. Her world is about get way more interesting. 

32. I think  Isabelle and I have that last sentence in common.

33. If one more person starts to cry when I mention Dubuque… I guess I know Steve and I are loved. It’s cool that people care. 

34. Back to packing. Happy Monday, y’all. 

About SaraBSutter

I serve as the pastor of United Presbyterian Church in Goldfield, Iowa. My husband Steve and I are excited to be in a friendly small town and look forward to the years ahead. In addition to nerdy church stuff, I love reading books, writing, good coffee, cats, and football.

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