Thankful Thursday: Lindsey is pretty cool


Yesterday I drove up to New Brighton, MN and had a 3 hour counseling/appointment/THING at the request of the Committee on Preparation for Ministry. The session was insightful and also incited some pretty crazy thoughts and decisions. I suspect I’ll share more later after I have a chance to chew on everything more. This post isn’t about me.

It’s about Lindsey.

Lindsey is one of my dearest friends. She gets me. I get her. We share openly with each other. There’s no pretense of trying to impress one another. There’s a realness and a transparency that is reserved for people worthy of the greatest truth and trust. I love her when we’re both strong. I love our friendship even more when we’re both feeling weak.

Though the things I learned from my session were pretty intense and honestly, a little terrifying, Lindsey helped to reframe everything with hope. She is a hell of a youth worker. She, in a state of recovering from being sick for a few days and in the tiredness that permeates summers in youth ministry, is a FRIEND.

Thanks, Lindsey. You quieted yelly voices inside of myself and, along with IKEA, redeemed a weird mid-week road trip. I love you more than white dots on black.

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