Moving to Dubuque


Keeping a secret is hard. Steve and I have been sitting on one for months. I couldn’t jump the gun because there were friends and young people I deeply cared about who I didn’t want to hurt with cautiously optimistic speculation.

Telling secrets is fun. Here’s the not-so-surprising unveiling of our secret. At the end of this summer, Steve and I are moving to Dubuque, Iowa so I can pursue an MDiv and hopefully, in a few years, become an ordained minister (or teaching elder… whatever terminology you like)  in the PC(USA).

I knew UDTS was right because I actually applied myself to the application process. Sometimes I have great ideas. If those great ideas are destined to be reality, I can tell because I try. If I care, I follow through.

(Gosh, that’s harsh. I think of all the things I try to care about or pretend to care about that I just don’t deliver on and now I feel a bit like a jerk. Good thing we’re all like that. Let’s just go ahead and forgive ourselves and each other so we can move on from there.)

Waiting to be accepted was hard. I thought about the college classes I skipped for a myriad of reasons. I thought about how badly I suddenly wanted to be a seminary student. (I’ll have to blog that journey later because five years ago I was so anti-seminary. Transformation is a sneaky, crazy process.) At one point I told Steve something overly dramatic like “If I don’t get accepted to UDTS it’s going to shake me to my core. I won’t even know who I am anymore.”

But yes. I am accepted. I still know who I am.

And tonight, the timing was right to share the news with the youth at the church I serve. I’m not leaving youth ministry. I promise you, I will always have the biggest heart for youth. It’s just time to further in knowledge and spiritual growth to better minister to youth and their families.

I could ramble on about all of this. I will in future days. I have had a zillion or so thoughts I wanted to share but so many hinged on the Dubuque news so I stayed quiet. But now…!!!

The news is this: Steve and I are moving to Dubuque. We’re both excited to see what this brings for us. We’ve never lived in a city where every other letter was a U. Come August, we will!

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