I hate the first day


I hate the first day. I’m not big on ice breakers. I’m not a fan of first paragraphs. Starting something new is overwhelming. 

When I worked at camp, Sunday nights into Monday were tough. There’d be a group of new campers and sometimes twists in the schedule or staffing combinations. I didn’t like not being used to it. Trying to learn names was hard, but trying to learn personalities was even tougher. By Tuesday things  would start to click and by Thursday I was always heartbroken that kids were getting ready to leave. 

Vacation Bible School is like camp in a lot of ways. The kids show up the first day and some cry because they don’t think they want to stay. They get name tags and they fill out forms. Nobody is really sure how things will go. Lesson plans sometimes work better than expected. Other times the plan gets thrown out and duck duck goose saves the day. I never know what to expect on that first day and I think that’s why they are so stressful. 

I barely slept last night, preparing myself mentally for today. I thought through a zillion scenarios– none of which happened. Now that the morning of Vacation Bible School is over, I’m relaxed and ready to do it. Silliness. 

I need the reminder that Sundays and Mondays are okay. I need to remember to be brave in greeting new experiences and new combinations of people. In some ways, I’m like a crying 4 year old who has no idea that I’m yelling about something that’s going to be fun and good. It scares me to think of all the awesome stuff I’d miss if I let fear and nerves win. I like new stuff. It’s getting used to new stuff that freaks me out more than it should.

I think we like remakes of movies, retelling of stories and sequels because we like familiar people and characters. We can’t let go of Harry or Bella or Katniss after one book. We have too much invested in them and their stories. 

I am excited to get back to my characters tonight. When I sit down and write, I’ll share plans with them. I’ve been mulling over their futures. The first 10,000 words are done. I think I’m approaching Tuesday where we can all relax, remember names and set about the business of getting to know each other. 

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