The power of suggestion


I succumb so easily to the power of suggestion. I see a commercial for McDonalds and I want McDonalds. Someone mentions cookies, I start craving cookies. Unless I devote my heart to the opposition, I end up consuming food and products based on the suggestions of media and people around me. I’ve always thought of that as a horrible thing. 

Last week, though… the power of suggestion thing rolled over to good. A couple friends posted in various places about getting back to the gym or returning to exercise. Easily influenced me started craving a good work out. I wanted to sweat. I wanted the endorphin rush. And I went back to the gym. 

I have a few choices when it comes to suggestions. I can retrain my brain to ignore suggestions (maybe.) I can try to ignore suggestion by limiting the media I watch and strictly controlling my exposure to certain influences. The best thought I had, though, is this: I can remember that I am prone to follow subliminal and obvious suggestions and intentionally put in place suggestions and reminders to do the things I know I need to do. 

So yeah. I’m trying that. I’m following athletes on twitter and trying to steal from their work ethic. I’m paying more attention to the people who live and love the kind of lifestyle I want to have. I’m telling a few people that I need to work out tonight so later they’ll ask how it went. I’m leaving my running shoes out so I trip over them when I head to the kitchen for a drink or a snack. 

I might be on to something. If there’s some negative influence in my day, I need to flip it or eliminate it. I’m not sure what else this could impact and frankly, I’m done blogging it today because it is time to get to the gym. It’s a weight lifting day. Because I just typed that last sentence, my brain is now trained to follow through with it. Or something. 

About SaraBSutter

I serve as the pastor of United Presbyterian Church in Goldfield, Iowa. My husband Steve and I are excited to be in a friendly small town and look forward to the years ahead. In addition to nerdy church stuff, I love reading books, writing, good coffee, cats, and football.

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