Vacation is over and I’m kinda sappy.


I took a vacation. A real, in person, away from work, away from regular routine one. It was nice. I’ve taken vacations before. Sometimes I’ve tacked them on at the end of a conference– like to fly to Colorado and spend Thanksgiving with Dad and Brianna. Other times I’ve taken little trips for family weddings, reunions or to do whatever crazy things Lindsey can do in a real city. This was different, though.

I spent five days with Steve in Wisconsin (to be fair, two were mostly travel days). We surprised his dad by showing up for lunch. We stayed at his mom’s where I met the coolest ginormous dog. We did a whirlwind tour of his college days, meeting friends and family along the way. We caught the midnight showing of Hunger Games with Steve’s brother and friend. We had a blast. It was people, people, people and the trip was so ridiculously fun.  The introvert in me was thankful for a little quiet during part of the trip home, but the five day span of time (really only 3 1/2 days there) was way too short. I could’ve stayed on that kind of vacation for a month.

Usually I love returning home. Conferences and get-aways are fun and all but after a couple days, I miss home. I like home because it’s where I keep all of my stuff. This time was different; returning home means missing Steve. Turns out I’d rather have my Steve than my stuff.

Three hours is too far away. Maybe not so much in quieter months, but certainly in April and May.Staring down the calendar and seeing few chances to sneak away to Des Moines is hard. Spending that much time with him all at once confirmed what I’ve known for a few months: I love him and pretty much I love life more when I get to be around him. 

The hard part is that I also love it here. I’ve had some intense and fantastic conversations with a few of the high school youth in the past two weeks. I’m seeing them dig deep and grow in their connections to each other. There’s a beautiful community among the high schoolers. It’s there in the younger grades but not as much. And I’m excited about the conversations coming out of the Christian Education committee. Good things are happening and my brain doesn’t want me to wish away all the awesomeness that is part of this time in my life. My heart is already anticipating the future awesomeness of getting sick of being around Steve. (That was typed with a wink.)

So yes, I had an excellent vacation. I’m glad to be back, but I miss him. And I miss his fun Wisconsin family and friends, too. 

As much as I tell myself to just chill and be patient, I know that this sense of restlessness is going to haunt me until we’re married. I can only guess at when that will be so I suppose I need to retrain myself to live in the present. Part of living in the present is returning to a blog I’ve neglected. So I’m back from blogging vacation, too. Hi and stuff. 

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