February is for dysfunction


I suck at February. It’s true every year. When the groundhog dives back into his hole, I follow him. It doesn’t matter if it’s six more weeks of winter or six more weeks until spring (which are both the same– something I just figured out about four years ago… I’m slow). Every small thing feels like a huge accomplishment in February. The fact that anything gets done at all in my world is a miracle.

So I haven’t blogged. I have, however, almost finished watching the entire series of Entourage. Netflix is my best friend. I checked out some library books and read a few, then turned them in almost on time. Except there was one I lost. And then earlier tonight I found it! There was much celebrating. Okay. Really I just high-fived the cat. He rolled his eyes at me before rolling himself over to continue his nap.

I don’t know if this is the Seasonal (something with an A) Disorder. The whole S.A.D. thing could be a possibility. I’m too apathetic to even google what the A is for in S.A.D. I don’t know if it’s just the honeymoon period of a new year wearing off. I sometimes blame winter and cold and snow but truthfully we haven’t had much of any of that this year. All I know is I’m lazy and hibernating. When the phone rings I want to hit ignore, no matter who it is. The other night I even said in a phone conversation with  my favorite person: “Shut up Steve. I want to go to sleep.” I immediately apologized and he accepted it and then I got to sleep.

This version of myself is my least favorite. And while it seems so much more logical to build on the blog traffic I had in January and push myself to write more and to write better, that just doesn’t happen in February. Ever. I am a jerk in February.

I’ll try to be more bloggy. And don’t you dare quote Yoda. Don’t you dare roll your eyes, either. I might be too checked out right now to dropkick you if you do either, but come March you’ll get your due. I’ll wake up soon.

Did you see that the Decorah eagle mommy laid an egg today? Somehow that’s reassuring. New life is coming. Something else is about to be born.

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