The joy of twitchy muscles


My muscles are screaming at me. Today is the first day I woke up earlier so I could get a workout in before coming in to the office. As a result, all day I’ll feel that twitchy soreness that tells me my body is awake and angry. I’m making my muscles work harder so they grow. Understandably there’s pain and I presume resentment. We’ll be better for it, muscles. Trust me.

I know that mornings are the most logical time to work out but I prefer late afternoon or night time exercising. My schedule  sometimes permits me the luxury of having all day to talk myself into courageously taking my chubby self to the gym around 7 or 8 p.m. Funny how easily I convince myself I don’t belong among the more physically fit people. It takes a pep talk to sweat in the presence of others. I’ve been blessed with a face that turns bright read and pours down sweat at the slightest effort exerted. Turns out it takes a lot of energy to smile and say “No, I’m fine. Really” to the well meaning people who see the tomato color of my face and ask “Are you okay? You’re really red.” I know I need strength training and cardio. I feel like I need it more than already in-shape people at the gym. That’s the only way I can talk myself into returning each time.

It takes something like two or three weeks to make a habit? I’m one day into the morning exercise habit. I’ll keep you posted mostly because I need an imaginary internet audience for accountability. I also need consistency with walk/runs so I can justify a new pair of running shoes. Mine are a little beat up. Honestly, though… I feel a little beat up, too.

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