Next stop: fit and fabulous!


I get that a 5k is nothing to real runners. It’s a warm-up jog. It’s a light workout. It’s only 3.2 miles. To me though, it sounds hard. THREE POINT TWO FREAKING MILES. Okay. Typing in caps just exhausted me.

The first time I ran a mile without stopping for any part of it was right before I turned 31. I did it (mostly) without panting. I could breath at the end of it. I didn’t want to vomit. I didn’t have cramps. I got up and did it again the next day. For that moment, I shoved the insecure, chubby junior high girl deep down into the far away parts of my psych. It was awesome! I would have killed at the game Trench.

Confession: I’ve been overweight my entire life. Not big boned. Not “plus sized” but overweight. Periodically I get tired of it and revisit the eating healthy and working out more routine. The last stretch was my most successful. From April-December 2010 I was pretty hardcore. I lost 40ish pounds. I tried to run a 5k.

Then I slowed down a lot. And sometime in October of 2011, I just sorta stopped. There was a lot going on– new boyfriend, helping Grandma move, Mom health stuff, um… laziness.

I’ve regained about 15 pounds. On a skinny person, that’s a lot. For me I’m all “haha. sweet. I’m still down 30 from forever ago. Pass a cookie.”

It’s gotta stop, though. I need to get back at it with a vengeance. I need to train for something. I need to set goals and kill myself to meet them. And so tonight I’m scouring the internet, trying to pick a 5k to run. Earlier I said I’m going to run the whole dang thing this time. It’s true. THREE POINT TWO FREAKING MILES. I’ve got this.

So tonight I signed up for a challenge at the wellness center (our gym) and with my teammates and friends Lisa, Joni, Cheryl & Amy we are going to get fit and fabulous. I don’t why that phrase makes me giggle. It does, though. I never dreamed I could be fit. I certainly never considered myself fabulous. Here we go, though. I’m going to start by running POINT TWO miles. I’ll work my way up to the THREE POINT TWO. 🙂

Give me fitness tips if you’ve got them. Or healthy hints. Or motivation. Or anything.

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