to be brilliant like Counting Crows


I love twitter. I love interacting with people from everywhere and talking about everything. One thing I love most is reading silly and serious thoughts from famous people. They seem so much like regular every day humans. Probably, because they are.

I’m watching the August and Everything After dvd by Counting Crows right now. I’ve owned it for a couple months and just unwrapped it today. I feel like I’m seeing old friends again. I have a very one sided friendship with Adam, Charley (or Charlie?), Dan, Bryson, Immy, Millard and Jim.  I have been and sometimes still am musically obsessed with them. The songs are perfect. Adam is the right blend of clever, genius and crazy. His lyrics cut right through me. And Immy on mandolin….. *swoon*

This band on this dvd is in the middle of their moment. They are all exceptionally talented. I remember taking my brother to a Counting Crows show in Virginia Beach. Nathan wasn’t a fan but he went because I made him. He walked out of that show (during John Mayer’s set… whoops) saying this was the best concert he’d experienced. This band is brilliant live.

I’ve never been famous, but I hope to be brilliant. I had a brief stint of popularity in college and I sometimes feel famous when a kid yells my name when they see me at the grocery store but most of my life, I blend in with all the other unfamous people in the world. It’s nice and pretty quiet, but I want to be amazingly good at something.

I want to find my moment. I don’t want to be famous and I’ll never hear my song on the radio but I want to find and excel at something big. I love seeing people in their moment– when they’re doing something exceptionally well. It inspires me to try harder and to be better.

I know these guys are just guys. They’re famous and they make way more money than me, but trust me… they’re mortals. (Okay… not Immy. He’s a superhero.) They started somewhere and tried and practiced and got better. I want to do that, too.


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