The Acorn Song


I met Steve’s dad yesterday. There was a Venn diagram sketched on a napkin. He mentioned oak trees. It was a good talk.

So I drew a picture of a baby oak tree…


because the talk of oak trees brought a song to mind that I hadn’t heard in many years. It was one of my favorite songs in high school. The band was Dry Bones and they played a show at Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Cherokee sometime in 96 or  97. (They opened with the Muppet Show theme and in doing so, won my heart instantly.) I bought their cassette tape. I think the name of the album was “Dangerous Curves Ahead.”

My favorite song on the tape was The Acorn Song. It became my choice metaphor for faith in God, though I used it wrong. I behaved like a snotty oak tree, judging acorns around me. Now I get that oak trees take awhile to grow and certainly at 17, I was a sapling at best. I’m guessing I’ll always have acorn moments and oak tree moments.

Trees are just a bunch of bushes that got together and decided to grow tall.” -Bob Ross

Anyway. Trees. Metaphors. Napkin diagrams. A random song from half my life ago. A Bob Ross quote. Happy Sunday night. Acorn Song by Chazz Melton


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