Back to the routine


It’s been a minute. I promise you I am not going to be one of those bloggers who posts a lot, then it slows to a trickle and then the blog ends up abandoned. Not this girl. Not this time.

I’ve had a few a-typical weeks and I have used that as an excuse. I went to NYWC and intended to blog through it and then as usual, my brain filled up fast and everything needed to percolate a bit. I’ve been asked “how was it?” and I still have no concise way of describing the thoughts swirling through that week. I’ll get there.

Then there was Thanksgiving. And I spent the first holiday with the Steve I love (as opposed to all the Steves I merely like) and it was good. He is good for me. So is family. Also, turkey. Kind of in that order.

And then there was a trip to Minneapolis to watch the Broncos beat the Vikings. I want to write forever about the experience of that game but not tonight. The Broncos inspire me to be a better person. Football can be such a good analogy sometimes. Is that cheesy and lame? If you answer yes, go find another blog to read. You’re done on this one.

Other than those major experiences, I also acquired a new car. Her name is Penelope. Penelope is a great name. Punky Brewster was a Penelope. And then there’s Penelope Garcia on Criminal Minds. Inspector Gadget’s niece was a Penny, short for Penelope? Maybe. And I really dig Penny from Blue Like Jazz. Haiku’s momma cat is Penelope. It’s a good name.

And then in the past couple weeks we also learned that my mom has cancer. Thud. That’s the feeling for that last bit of news. She goes in for surgery two weeks from today. That should take care of it. Oh, that I could be an optimist and be comforted by the casualness of a routine surgery. I don’t work like that.

I did get back to routine in a sense that I hit the gym tonight. I only walked a mile and a lap. I wanted to stop at a mile, but I made myself walk the extra lap to prove I could go further. At my peak, I was walking/running 3-3.5 miles. The fact that 1 wore me out speaks volumes to the neglect of my health recently. It was a triumph to make myself go outside on a cold winter night to walk around a circle 9 times. Today that’s going to have to be good enough.

And now the dog is whining and pacing. (I’m at Mom’s on her laptop– stopping to get the title for my old car prompted me to blog. Weird.) The dog gets a snack at 9:30. Her snack is a little bit of dog food. Like a clock, she starts whimpering at 9 getting more dramatic as the seconds tick by. If you let her go until 9:31, she’s miming a slow, painful death in a desert. Think Looney Toons.

Anyway. The word of the day is ROUTINE. When you hear it, scream real loud. And try to find a good routine to get in, even though it’s December and snowy and almost Christmas. Routine is like the positive side of rut.

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