what great bands (and people) do


I just got back to the hotel after the morning’s Big Room session at NYWC. The David Crowder Band closed out the session with a worship set. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen crowder band live… the number probably has two digits but couldn’t drink legally in the US.

As I was experiencing the band, I realized what makes DCB so great to be around is the focus. When they’re on stage, I get lost in the words of their songs and the worship of their (and my and your) God. Though they are fantastic musicians and dare I say stellar rockstars, the focus of their music rarely wavers from God. And that’s something. It would have been impressive decades ago but in this moment, I’m still blown away at how they do it.

I’m going to miss them.

And as I watched them leave the stage, I wondered who will come to take their place? I remember hearing a worship leader say he loved DCB but “only Crowder can do Crowder.” Only Hogan do Hogan. Only BWack can do BWack and through the rest of the band. I suspect the songs are good enough to translate to other voices and other rockstars, though.

It makes me think of Rich Mullins.

I saw him the summer before that stupid car accident that took his life. He played to a crowd of teenagers at a Christ in Youth conference in Bolivar, MO. At the time, I was in awe of the hammered dulcimer but he also had a ginormous marimba on stage. He and his band were great musicians. Only Rich could do Rich. And afterwards, when a shy and awkward teenage girl approached to ask questions, not about him, but about the marimba, Rich told me to go play it and turned me lose on the stage. I only knew a couple snippets of songs from playing in the pit for marching band. I’m sure the Sesame Street theme  song and a few bars of In A Gadda Da Vida brought glory to God when played on Rich Mullins’ marimba. 🙂 Thank heavens I didn’t know he’d let me touch the dulcimer if I asked.

Both David and Rich impress me on stage and offstage. Both have written songs that will forever change how I see and know God. And both make me want to be a better person and a better Christian. I want to live a life bigger than me that points to God in a way only I can do. Doubtful that will include a marimba or a hammered dulcimer, but a girl can dream.

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