5 things football teaches me about youth ministry


I just watched the Broncos beat the Jets. It was an ugly game with a beautiful ending. I’m thinking in metaphors because I’m in that over thinking mode that transpires when at a youth ministry conference. Here are short little thoughts. I’d love to elaborate, but I need to get sleep before helping with registration for a couple thousand youth workers tomorrow morning.


1. Tim Tebow and the running backs wouldn’t be able to make some of those runs work without the quality blocking from the O Line. A quarterback could be the best quarterback on the planet, but without well trained players and good execution from those players, it’s impossible to win a game. If a youth worker is like a quarterback, there need to be well trained players in the right positions on the field, too.

2. After Tebow ran the ball into the end zone, the camera showed John Elway standing and clapping from his box. Surely I’m not the only one that felt like some sort of torch has finally been passed from the most popular quarterback in Bronco lore to another. It’s hard not to compare the Bronco’s last drive to the legendary drive. Youth ministry is passing on a legacy. Maybe there’s a time to move to a box and clap while someone else makes the plays on the field. (It’s not that time for me yet. I still want to be a quarterback.)

3. The last thing I saw of the game was a circle of football players praying in a circle. Tebow ran over to join it. Brian Dawkins was praying with passion. The weird part was that Jets were in the circle praying with Broncos. We’re all one team in youth ministry. The competition for youth is ridiculous. And we should pray more… together. The site of several praying to one God is powerful. What a great last picture of a game. (The picture that goes with  this Denver Post story makes me think maybe this happens every game? Cool.)

4. The 4th quarter comebacks are super addictive. When I get down about things I can’t control now, I need to remember that God will win in the end. Believing that there’s a huge party and win coming at the end makes the rough quarters not so bad. (And I’m not saying Tebow is God. Clearly, though, God is working through Tim Tebow. I’m just glad Tebow is a Bronco.)

5. I don’t have a good metaphor for the Jet’s lineman getting a touchdown, but how cool and funny was that? If Zane doesn’t get a touchdown by the end of this season, I will be disappointed. Also, I used to be afraid of being tackled by Dawk. Now Von Miller scares me. Sometimes the best offense is a good defense. There’s a metaphor there, too, maybe but I need to get some sleep.

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