Being the rat


It sucks to be the rat. Tattle tales are annoying. It’s so much easier to go along with it or quietly leave when something happens that shouldn’t. I know this in my head but I’m cursed with the conscience that forces me into action.

Yes, I’ve made mistakes in how I’ve handled tough situations, but I have no regrets for acting on things that demanded to be handled. Turning in a boss for something you know he or she has done wrong is impossibly hard (I’ve done it 3 times in 3 different situations and each one has been far more difficult than the previous time… thankfully nothing close to the crap that happened at Penn State.) It hurts to sacrifice your position and your job security but there are times when you are called to do the right thing. You have to do something. 

This Penn State situation is making me sick. I was in a foul mood all day yesterday because of it. Tonight it’s making me yell at the computer screen. The sins of a university rest on every person that turned a blind eye to the abuse and suspicions of abuse. Those kids were vulnerable and nobody acted– custodians, the graduate assistant, fellow coaches, administration and who knows who else. They picked their lifestyles and their jobs over their duty as human beings to protect kids from abuse. One guy abused the kids, but the bystanders are responsible, too.

I pray we learn from this. I pray for the victims, their families and the innocent. I know I should pray for the guilty, too, but I can’t quite bring myself around to the idea that those who ignored and enabled a monster deserve anything resembling mercy. I’m too angry tonight. I’m furious that children have to grow up in a world with so many monsters. Come fix this, God. Come Lord Jesus.

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  1. It still blows me away how any of them were able to sleep at night after seeing that Sandusky wasn’t being turned in. ESPECIALLY the graduate asst who somehow is the only one still employed and is the one person who could have ended all of it. Saw it happening, made eye contact and he walked away. makes me cringe

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