Tebow’s time


I’m a Denver Broncos fan. Most likely you know this already if you’re reading my blog. If you follow NFL football at all (or my tweets) you know that of the many words and phrases used to describe my team this year,  “stellar” or “flawless” or “close to perfection” don’t apply. The Broncos kinda suck this year.

I’m a fan for life though. Seasons like this one make Superbowl wins that much more spectacular. We’ll get there. Rebuilding year. Insert all the other normal sad football fan phrases.

My choice for Broncos quarterback is obviously Kyle Orton. You’ll recall  http://slambfriend.com/2011/09/28/the-kyle-orton-pilgrimage/ I’m sure. But Today Tim Tebow started at quarterback and my loyalty is always with the team, not an individual player.

And the play of the offense was pretty uninspiring through the first 3 1/2 quarters. The Broncos were down 15-0 until the last 3 minutes of the game. Tebow turned up his game and regulation ended with a tie score of 15-15. What had seemed impossible ( a win over a terrible Miami Dolphins team) became possible with a Matt Prater field goal in overtime.

Sorry for getting all football nerdy. Here’s what I thought, though. Waiting for Tebow to show up sucked. I didn’t know if we’d win but I wanted the team to at least look like they were in the game. It was painful to watch. Then it’s like a switch went on and frantic, last minute plays were working. The game came together. A win is a win, no matter how ugly the game is, right?

I joked that Tebow is my kind of quarterback because I dig the procrastinating. Too often I wait until the last few minutes and fly into action. I can do amazing things in the last 3 minutes of a game. I think best on my feet with a clear immediate challenge.  Sometimes the impossible comes together and winning happens in spite of the first 3 quarters.

That’s not cool, though. I know better. I know organization and pre-planning make life less stressful for those around me. I hope Tim can figure out how to flip that switch earlier in a game. Not all teams are going to lay down and wait to be beat like Miami. Not all lessons and moments are going to work thanks to impulse and stressful last minute plays. I just don’t know how to flip that switch sooner. Retraining a brain not to procrastinate is hard. (Whining… I know.)

My goal this week is an ambitious one for me. It’s common sense to the entire planet, but for me it seems ambitious. I want to everything ready to go for the after school program, Middle School Youth Group and High School Youth Group by the time I leave church on Tuesday night. I can still do a grocery run on Wednesday, but I want to have all lessons typed, delivered & supplies in place.

Since Amy reads this, I know there’s accountability. (Hi Amy!) Anyway, that’s my goal. If you’ve got a good goal for this week, you should share it. I’m also going to try to hit the gym BEFORE work every day this week. I hate mornings. I also hate not knowing for sure if I’ll have enough time to get a workout in at night.

I don’t wanna be on Tim Tebow time this week. I want to play all the quarters strong– not just the last.

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  1. I was having a lack of ambition today until I read you blog and so Rayann and Emma’s room is clean, 5 loads of laundry, and exercising done. Thanks 🙂

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