I crave stability


Stability is buyable, friends. I bought it at K-mart on Tuesday. Okay, sort of.

When I met with the trainer on Tuesday, she asked me what I wanted to learn. I saw the ginormous balls in the corner of the gym and turned into a little kid. “I want to use those!”

Turns out they are called stability balls. At least that’s what K-mart calls them. And I own one now. Of course I bought it before the pain of the exercises had set in a full day after using one.

I hurt. FOR TWO DAYS. All I did was a couple crunches, some leg lifts, this ridiculous bridge move and a sitting thing against the wall. Twenty minutes of work hurt for two days. Thank goodness I’m more stable, though, right?

I have this slight fear that just owning a stability ball still in the box isn’t going to do a darn thing for my core muscles. I’m proud of myself for dropping $8.50 to buy one, but my guess is I’ll have to take it out of the box, inflate it and actually use it on a regular basis if I want to get whatever stability I’m supposed to get from the ball.

Let’s pretend there’s that cheesy, sappy Full House teachable moment music in the background. Here’s the lesson/thought for the day:

You have cool stuff in you. You need to get it out of the box and blow it up though. Otherwise, no stretchy sore muscles and no growth. Ouch.

Happy Thursday. (4 days in a row! Dare I make it 5 tomorrow?)

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